Covid_19 And What Weve Been Doin

Covid_19 And What Weve Been Doin

Hey so lets face it clearly you can see its been awhile since we've made a blog post but its been pretty hectic, in the world we are all living in today.

With it 2020, now seemingly so it isn't what we perfectly visioned our days to be spent doing( total pun intended). While alot of us are struggling to find what the next project is we have been fortunate to live in an area that hasn't overly been affected by the virus and we live quite rural, since we began OBWS our kids have tunrned into teenagers our land our homestead and our business to stay sane and active. 

Charlie is considered an essential worker and I am back to full time parent and woodworking wife, I've definitley learned how to stay busy and active , a few months ago we decided to get chickens well let me tell you they are so fun, and wow never knew they could grow that fast ... We have a total of 10 3 full size Rhode island reds , 4 3month old Rhode island reds and 3 white rocks these guys are really funny to watch one track mind birds eat and sleep... they're for meat eating purpose and the Rhode island reds are laying hens it's like Easter around here lol ... We also added 3 bunnies to the mix just to make it fun , did i mention we also have a cat and a dog .. 

 While only leaving our home for basic needs and masks becoming mandatory it has definitely divided us as who we are as people, and homesteading and valuing what is positive in nature , I hope anyone who reads this blog will feel you aren't alone it is hard,  but I say this do what is good , follow rules be kind because together we can get through this ... 

 If all else fails move into the country and Loooook at all those chickens ... 



 Jenn Aitken