Winter You Say

Winter You Say

Well I think we can all say this is not a normal winter. We've had melt downs where it looked and almost felt like spring... Def makes for "what do i wear and should I start a fire" ? Since we started this journey it has been much like our winter season, weird but still gratifying and beautiful moments. We yet again made our local magazine in recognition for us being the winners of Meaford Dragons Den 10th annual.. Still in shock and riding the wave here we are the next step.. An online store where we can touch base more than just typical social media platforms, reaching and gaining more customer bases. Although we are all about the local love and giving back, who wouldn't want to be able to say they inspired someone to purchase our product from afar? 

Using that Rome wasn't built in a day quote, we have taken all the time to dot our I's cross our T's and take note to what it takes to be who we are in the very large trend it seems.. Family owned and run (we both work full time jobs also) we take pride in giving a great product and treat each customer as if they were family.

What started as a hobby we couldn't be happier with the outcome, Now can we have spring?

Be inspired. 

Go For It.

Knock on wood..